Wednesday, July 8, 2020


That said, I learned very young how to sail by nothing but the set of the sails. Mine were set for music.

I was no purist. I only bothered once with hi-end stereo stuff and left it unimpressed in my wake.

The music that moved me, perforce moved the boat.

We didn't have a cheap boat but one that embraced a world without perfect reproduction in sound,
we found we lived it with it quite nicely.

I never recall a moment bereft in the doldrums of sound.

Wherever I was, the music was there.

Loud and clear.

There is a knack I've lost

It used to be that I could listen all at once to IAD, MAD, BTB, Plot and Sonar at the same time,

more than that, I heard them all as they came in and processed them,

I heard Praying Mantis over IAD, MAD, BTB and from Plot as I was doing another thing.

I was hunting the mine that was right there in front of me plus the 4 beside it.

It was a different kind of day. Not much different. There'd been scores like it yesterday

Before those days all was like a map one could read at a glance

After that, I found I lost the knack.

It was just radio, or tv, or reading and no longer the trinity.

as with tonight, I find that I really miss most the music in my life.

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