Thursday, July 30, 2020


Watching the awful performance of the democrats on the Judiciary Committee yesterday as they attempted to brutalize the Attorney General brought up a memory from the past. I knew their histrionics reminded me of something. This afternoon it came to me. We have these guys sitting as a court representing the democrats in Congress.

I'd be ashamed if I was a democrat.


capt fast said...

to be sure, the democrats are the liberals of this day the same as the nazi were liberals of their yesterday. disagree if you wish but don't argue the facts of that matter. I would never call democrats nazis but their attitudes about gathering and keeping power for themselves to the detriment of all else is the same.
many are the failures of democrats as regards our country, same as everyone in politics over the years. but, I hold democrats in particular contempt for not being truthful to themselves and the public. it is apparent to many what conservatives are about. no one is sure they know what democrats are about. democrats simply are not specific when they lie or are truthful about anything they support. even they do not believe anything they say.
todays democrat believes socialism is the path to be on. they are insane.

HMS Defiant said...

One of the things I most object to about democrats is their insistence on spouting and repeating lie after lie after lie. Just watching the idiot mayor of Seattle repeatedly claim that all the violence in Seattle at the federal court house is due to the fact that 47 days into the violence and rioting and attacking and burning the court house, Trump ordered the federal law enforcement people to protect federal property and that idiot shill from Seattle is on NPR daily telling us that all the violence is because Trump is provoking it. Contempt is not a strong enough word.