Sunday, July 5, 2020


The secret is, it's a virus. It is never ever going to go away. You have to learn to live with it or not and the enemy treating it as some sort of thing that could simply be overcome by presidential leadership is no longer funny. It never was. 

Please, it's the flu with adenoids and maybe a bad hair day.

Long ago we stopped into the Air Force Officers Club at Air Force Academy. For me it was a lark. It was the covid virus of clubs. I'm not sure why it still exists. All the military  shamebenders  wanted them dead about 40 years ago and they got their wish, over time. Still, I remember a ltcol coming in to stand tall behind the ltcol next to us, all 3 of us being at the bar at the time and bashing him about something. Upstairs in the Grand Concourse of crap was some meeting of wives going on with an attending general.

UPDATE: OK, it was the general badgering him.

I'll tell you a secret. When your junior officers can no longer go to have a beer and let off steam in an unapproved unpolitically correct fashion, you're out of leaders. After NASA, the Air Force lost them, the navy STB when they closed the Main Brace. I'm not even going to look. Knowing them, they shut it down decades ago. So did ship captain crew...last played in Diego Garcia O'club, 1984.

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