Friday, June 5, 2020


We piled into the car and headed way out into the middle of nowhere to buy some fromage at the source. On the way home we stopped for sandwiches at one of our favorite bakeries and I noticed that across the road was the mall with the Apple store which now sports a whole additional layer of black plywood facing that covers up every inch of the giant window glass and doors. It's closed for the duration of the riots and maybe a little bit longer.

Mind you, this is in a town with the smallest ratio of cops to citizens  anywhere in America. There's a cop for every 85 residents. They might take note of the very low crime rate but that is due mostly to the makeup of the population and its distance from undesirables and complete lack of public transportation to the potential scenes of the crimes. Sort of like La Jolla in San Diego.

Also resident in the same little mall is Tiffany's jewelers but it isn't all boarded up. I'm pretty sure that stuff that looks like glass windows is somewhat stronger than what most shops and businesses use and is able to withstand any number of hammer blows. On the gripping hand, they've emptied the window displays and someone who really cares will just drive a stolen truck into the building and see what falls. They did that with the local hardware store about 2 miles closer to home and it knocked down the whole back of the store one night 3 or 4 months ago.

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