Tuesday, June 30, 2020


I never thought I'd write these words but the time has come. I have reached the point where there truly is nothing so vile that I would not believe it of Democrats if someone I trusted imputed it or simply stated it. This makes it somewhat more difficult to get writing off the ground since reading the news now induces almost pure outrage. It really doesn't matter what the subject du jour is anymore since the media have hijacked all of them to one overriding purpose and that is the utter destruction of Donald Trump and all his works, the massacre and murder of all of his supporters and of course the ritual murder and destruction of his family, friends and acquaintances up to the 5th generation. Sort of like how North Korea treats dissidents and wanna-be-accused dissidents.

In academia it appears true that one cannot dismiss any student for any outrage no matter how vile so long is it was carried out under the pretext of intersectionality, blackness, colored, LBGTQWTF, or an action designed to smack around Trump supporters. To simply write "All Lives Matter," is enough for instant dismissal of tenured staff and immediate unemployment for anybody else but all the old rules about slander, libel, etc are tossed out the window and if you feel black enough you can get away with any kind of crime ranging from murder and terrorism to pulling down monuments and memorials in a ragged symphony agreeing with that idiot Obama that, "you didn't build that."

They destroy and lay waste to all that they touch and they keep getting away with it. It is disheartening. They say the wheels of justice grind slowly but they don't even move anymore in Washington DC where no amount of "October Surprise" and outing of the Coup plot is going to gain any traction at all with a media 100% disposed to ignore it and cover it up should it appear anywhere in the media.

The social media are run by pure filth and it's getting worse everyday. The papers suck and are so full of lies and made up trash it's no longer funny. Oh sure, the President points out that all the truly evil shitty cities are run by Democrats and have been for generations but the Washington Post still somehow finds the stupids to publish a fact check denial and say that only 19 of the worst 20 cities are run by Democrats and with that they think they've shafted the President with their quick 'demolition' of his argument that people who vote for Democrats don't simply accept the evil that results, they relish it, eat it up and spit it out as toxic venom that says anybody at all who disagrees with them is a white supremacist and a racist.

I got news for them. They are rapidly making their world view a reality.

We are watching a fascinating series on TV about New York City starting from when the Dutch paid for its location to be found by explorers searching the new world up until the present or maybe sometime around 1988. We are nowhere near the end having just reached the period immediately after World War II when Robert Moses took the old New York city and destroyed it to make a new one. All the talking heads throughout the show (an excellent show by the way) are cityphiles and they loved that old city and all those old things that Robert Moses swept away starting in the Depression and into the Space Age as he built 267 miles of freeway in the city, countless bridges and tunnels and demolished vast stretches of neighborhoods in US taxpayer funded 'urban renewal.'

What's amusing is to hear them talk about everything I take for granted but which they clearly loath with passion. They hate that cars supplanted street cars and highways supplanted the interurban and urban rail lines and they bemoan that all the old sort of tenements (ethnic neighborhoods you never heard of) were demolished to make way for soulless high rise hells built by architects who really hate people, especially poor  people who have to live in their crappy buildings.

I look at it all with the eye of one who lived on the edge of the city, used to visit the city, for a time and wouldn't be caught dead ever living in that city or most others. They are an interesting place to visit but given the choice I'd take coastal Maine over New York or Dallas or San Francisco and that's not the ignorant jest of a man who doesn't know what he's talking about. I lived and went to school in New Jersey about 20 miles from NYC. I lived and worked in Emeryville for about 5 years and lived in San Diego for decades between assignments overseas. I lived at 20 mile road Detroit and just outside of Cleveland and been to most of the major cities in the United States.

The best was San Francisco 25 years ago when it was still that shining city on a hill and the sun set on it every night from my house across the bay. Honolulu was good. You can see it all in a single day on a motor scooter and walk the good bits in a day just as easily if you like to walk. DC was a fantastic place to visit and for over 30 years every visit home included riding the Metro to the Mall and seeing the Air and Space Museum or the other museums and walking around. Of course, I walked in places like Georgetown and only during daylight in places like Buzzards Point and the Navy Yard.

I saw San Diego change during my long habitation there. My first day there I saw a motorcycle cop ride his bike onto the sidewalk next to me to cite a man for jaywalking. This was at First and Broadway. Across the street a mall was being built in a sea of flophouses, porno theaters and bars. Nowadays and for 30 years or more it has been known as the Gaslamp district and was pretty nice once the urban renewal crowd demolished all that and put up trendy bars, restaurants, theaters, etc. Of course they also shifted all the riffraff somewhere but I don't have any idea where they went. They were just gone. That lasted for about 20 years. They're back.

As I move around these days I keep seeing the people who try to use magic to keep from having their homes or stores join the hundreds or thousands of other homes and stores looted, burned and attacked by the violent mobs swarming our cities. You see their little talismans everywhere. "BLM" they say. It doesn't appear to work very well. I don't think the would-be magicians understand that all the violence, looting, pillaging and burning is being done by the Antifa scum who are getting away with it because nobody is shooting them dead on sight.

That's probably going to start happening pretty soon.


Murphy(AZ) said...

I have never been to San Francisco. I've been to Hawaii only to pass through from here to there and back again. I have not been to San Diego in over thirty years. I remember it as a beautiful place, but understand that it has gone to garbage over the years and friends tell me I would not recognize the place.

This is not the America I grew up to believe in. I understand over all my years that things will change, and they have. But there has always been a balance, a centerline, and things would drift left or right, but they would turn, adjust, reset. I don't see that happening now.

Most of us consider that we are "good citizens." We obey most laws, we work our jobs, mind our business, accept that there other people, also "good citizens," who may believe differently than we do, but generally behave as we do. We accept the differences, we learn to tolerate, and we continue on, raising our families and making our homes. We'll grumble about the current batch of politicians, complain about our taxes, and all we want is for the world to leave us alone.

Maybe things have gone beyond what we can recover, I don't know, and I'm probably getting too old to care. Politicians on both sides are ruining this great nation because they refuse to look beyond the trough they're feeding at. Maybe it's our fault for not holding them accountable for their greed and corruption. But this is not what I want to leave for my grand daughter.

Ominous Cowherd said...

`` It really doesn't matter what the subject du jour is anymore since the media have hijacked all of them to one overriding purpose and that is the utter destruction of Donald Trump and all his works, the massacre and murder of all of his supporters and of course the ritual murder and destruction of his family, friends and acquaintances up to the 5th generation.''

You've caught on, but it's not just Trump and his family. It's you, too. They hate you and want you dead. Now what?

HMS Defiant said...

I think we both got old. It snuck up on me. Were I to ask my nephews or daughters of their opinion I think they'd say things are a ok.
Every step away from the classics of America is a step towards marxism but there is no chance they'll see it coming since they stopped teaching civics long ago and Plato and Aristotle are dirty words.

HMS Defiant said...

Ah, well there is the eternal question.

You see the videos where they instantly duck and run away when gunfire breaks out. I'm minded of a blogpost I posted twice now, may again, of the Commandant discussing two very brave Marines who did just exactly as they should have one very bad day. I remember the 3rd or 4th time I landed in Saudi Arabia and I was simply pissed that my ride from Bahrain wasn't there. Talk about uniquely different experiences.
Vietnam is now slowly drifting away. It wasn't my war. I'm kind of the gap year guy. In 1972 when the war closed out I was living in Fort Riley with my dad and aged 11. Too young for the wars of my youth. Fought epically in the Cold War, battles you never knew or heard of. Too cynical for the Gulf War. My attitude was, if they call me, I will come. They didn't call. I didn't go. When they did call it was to somebody pretty senior and one who thought my rank over there was pure nonsense. I'd have gone if I was still a LT or LCDR, as a captain, not so much. I never thought much of captains when I was over there and young and wasn't keen to be one there in a makework job for the Army.