Tuesday, November 16, 2021


It's really kind of funny watching the europeans go nuts trying to rewrap the leprosy known as illegal forced migrations and muzzle the beast they created all by themselves through the powerful office of the Chancellor of Germany. Now the Poles are using water cannons and gas on the invaders attacking their western border. The invaders are now throwing rocks and cutting the fences in order to make the Poles and europeans take them serious as just poor harmless little refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon and every other place muslims have turned into Hell on earth.

And of course, we have our new Chancellor of Germany running things in the White House. I'm not sure what that guy's names are but it is clearly an invasion orchestrated by the White House and the democrats in Congress. They are letting the invaders in and oddly enough, many of them are coming from the Hells on Earth they created in the middle east and in Latin America and now they want to bring it to America.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Funny how that works. I wonder what makes them think there is an upside to this?

HMS Defiant said...

In the northlands of Scandanavia the former ministers of goverment admit that this was actually their plan and intent and to change their homogenous society for one that was diverse and includes stone age people. On the one hand, kill them all, on the other hand, settled people turn into slaves quick enough and they need to be pricked near to death to get with the program of saving themselves and their society.
Here we have worms teaching that the society we have is not worth saving to the young so they will simply accept communism as their due lot, from each according to ....