Wednesday, November 17, 2021


There are rumors swirling around the sewer called Washington DC that Kamala Harris is out as Vice President and Barack Obamam will be nominated for the office and confirmed by the Senate later this week. Once he's in he will quickly shuffle the brain dead Resident off to a nice covid free rest home and assume his rightful office as head of the Empire.

I'm keeping my eye on things just to see how this comes about.

Oh, OK, I just made it up.


oldvet1950 said...

You know that's not allowed. VP has to eligible for presidency and obummer is not.

Stretch said...

OH! I like it. And so many Leftist would buy it. Throw in "Obama can be ELECTED to office but ..." They'll positively wet themselves.

Nicus said...

Not gonna happen, but something even scarier and more likely... Michelle Obama.

MartinFromGermany said...

You nearly gave me a heart attack with your post.
Only when I had read the last line a sense of relief set in.
Please do not do this again.

Ruggles said...

or Killary clinton

capt fast said...

every time i take off my tinfoil hat i hear voices from the future speak of Air Force Two crashing and all aboard perishing; only thing missing is the date... How sad. that got me thinking, if the speaker of the house, Madam Wrinkle retires next year, who will be in that office next? someone competent? really, it is the only way democrats will rid themselves of Kamala. California has many things to answer for and she is near the top of the list. so don't be surprised if it actually happens; the left constantly shows just how rigorously desperate they can act.