Tuesday, November 23, 2021


I've decided that this blog must cancel racists so fuck off BLM. I've also decided that this blog is canceling woke. So fuck off woke. The world would be better off without global waming losers, so fuck off global warming losers. Try to read outside of the box you stupid fucking lemmings. Every single thing you believe is garbage.


  1. @ OAFS
    I only wish they could hear (or read - or understand)
    OTOH listening to/watching them provides me with a lot of the laughter in my life
    I know! I know! my mom taught me very early not to laugh at people with a disability - my bad­čą║

  2. Hope your boat can hold one more, self-made blind, virtue signaling, miserable haters. Keep on keeping on. Dave

  3. so, tell me how you really feel about that...