Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Just got home from an extended birthday bash 4 states away from here. It was fun and we enjoyed it. Tonight, after a long drive home I had a chance to see Amanpur and her hate on America show as they interviewed Anita Hill about what a sexist racist bigot that justice was back when she worked for him at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission where she was some kind of powerless slave totally in thrall to the Man and unable to forma coherent plan to deal with what she viewed as outrageous intrusions on her personal life. You get where the laughter comes from when you realize that everybody involved in producing this show totally supports the idea of grown men permitted to use women's rooms and teenage boys allowed to use the girls locker rooms anytime they feel like it.

How a nation of 'educated Americans' ever accepted this nonsense is beyond me. See? And now some of you are wondering which bit of nonsense I'm talking about. Is it the Anita Hill BS or the Blasey Ford assault on another Justice with her deranged obvious lies about a past that only exists between her ears and nowhere else? Or, is it the idiocy of letting men use the same facilities as teenage girls just because they feel like it?

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