Saturday, September 4, 2021


An interesting read.

She missed one crucial point. Most guys in the US don't want to get married anymore. There are zero upsides to it now. 8 nephews, none have taken the bait and some are nearing 40. An interesting but unhealthy dynamic. OTGH, I married at 42.


Dan said...

A man would have to be insane to get married these days. The entire system is set up to enslave them if they do. As long as that is reality
the ONLY men interested in tying themselves down are the losers....not the quality men.

HMS Defiant said...

Yet we will always have the triumph of optimism. Faced with the girl, it works.

James said...

In my 70s with 2 marriages behind me, i have no idea why any man with any brains would marry today. There may be women who are qualified to be wives in the wild, but the odds are against finding one. The entire system has turned against men and even with the playing field grossly tilted in their favor, women still want cry victim.