Tuesday, September 14, 2021


One thing alone cannot be replaced by anything under the sun and that is the power that drives western civilization and yet it seems that Europe and the fools here in America are keen to whip that power away and replace it with little or nothing. How can anybody look at thisand not wonder what is going to happen come winter?

I lived in southern California back when ENRON and the ISO were raping their customers and shutting off the power in the north of the state. The only thing that saved us in San Diego from their rapacious greed was the complete lack of high energy transmission lines between our power sources in the south and the users in the north. They could not steal our power to send it away in order to line their pockets with yet more stolen money. It was all down to very bad government, greed, vile lawyers and the usual anti-civilization turds that careen around the world unchecked.

As the world watches, the wheels are coming off western civilization and the fools that live there still don't realize that winter is coming. Yeah, yeah, I read the first 3 books. With winter and darkness comes a drastic cut in solar power and a better than even chance that wind turbines will be braked to keep from over-revving with a resultant loss of power and then the shitkickers in the CDC will moan about upticks in the covid/flu/whatever it to destroy the economy some more.

On the gripping hand, I hear that Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia are screwing it up even more. They're not even waiting for disaster, they're busy making their own.


  1. Love the Motie reference. :)

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