Friday, September 24, 2021


This is pretty egregious.
Sixty-six percent of college students think shouting down a speaker they disagree with is acceptable to shut down their talk, and another 23 percent believe violence can be used to cancel a speech, according to a wide-scale survey released this week.

The 2021 College Free Speech Rankings, a follow-up on the first survey in 2020, asked over 37,000 students at 159 top-ranked U.S. colleges and universities to share their views about free speech on campus. Published by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, RealClearEducation and College Pulse, the results show freedom of expression on campus remains a pressing concern. Not only do 66 percent of students say it is acceptable to shout down a speaker to prevent them from speaking on campus, that result is up four percentage points from last year. Another key finding is that nearly one in four students say it’s acceptable to use violence to stop a campus speech — up 5 percent over last year’s survey — with some elite colleges bringing that figure to as high as one in three students accepting of such violence.

Underscoring these findings, more students are keeping their mouths’ shut, even during a year when most campus activities and instruction moved online.

Eighty percent of students reported that they self-censor viewpoints at least some of the time on campus, and another one-fifth of students reported that they do it quite often.
There is something very wrong with education in this country. This kind of thinking and behavior was never allowed and should never have been allowed. It is pretty clear that it will not stop until administrators and faculty kick these kind of students out of the schools and universities and start again by emphasizing civility. Those that like violence and hating their enemies to death can just stick to antifag and BLM where they like an unfair fight as long as they hold the weapons and outnumber the people they are hating on.


boron said...

Civility should be taught (and comprehended) before they're fully potty trained.

ruralcounsel said...

This is primarily due to the complete moral cowardice of college administrators, who find it is easier to allow this type of behavior (if not outright encourage it) rather than punish and expel students AND faculty who behave this way.

The Berkeley Free Speech movement is spinning in its grave.