Thursday, September 16, 2021


I have been reading a number of articles over the last year or so that show that young white men are avoiding colleges and universities for some excellent reasons. Some of the articles posit that young white males feel under attack by the schools and the toxic racist environment they have created, nurtured and expanded over the last decade or so. There's room to appreciate that argument and I think it is true. There is also the speculation that not only are the colleges racist but they have also turned into enormous bastions of overt misandry and with the absurd and criminal degree that colleges and universities have abused Title IX it is not surprising that young men would prefer to avoid it altogether.

I have another hypothesis that explains young white men avoiding college and it really has little to do with either of the above reasons. Is it perhaps, I wonder, that they have figured out that there is little to no value in going to college anymore unless one is interested in a STEM degree? Why rack up enormous unforgivable student loans that will take years if not decades to pay off? Perhaps young white males are smarter than the average college student.....


Anonymous said...

I used my GI Bill benefits to get an A.A.S., but it wasn't necessary for the career I've pursued for the last 20 years. I make good money, and largely use my military training and OJT experience. I live in the rural South, and most of the folks in my area don't have a degree; many run their own businesses and are doing quite well. I often counsel younger folks (I'm 56) to avoid college, if they're interested in a more 'hands-on' job. One can use online or evening classes to gain the theoretical knowledge one may need, things like technical math, hydraulic or electrical theory, etc. The knowledge is the important thing, not the certificate that one has gone to class.
--Tennessee Budd

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

It is appalling, just how poorly educated college graduates are, today. All they know is how to parrot their indoctrination.