Monday, September 13, 2021


As you might guess. I have found almost everything over the last 10 days profoundly irritating. There's little point in rehashing it all here since it has been covered so well everywhere else. We decided to go to Pittsburgh and get away from it all. It's a nice drive which, if you had asked me when I was going to school in the middle of Pennsylvania 40 years ago could happen, I would have denied it. We used the interstate you see. Back then I-80 was ALWAYS torn to pieces and my family wouldn't use the I-76 because my mother hated all the little carve-outs PENDOT made to accommodate the thousands of State Police with their radars aimed at catching motorists and giving them $600 speeding tickets for going 5 mph over the speed limit. There was some animus there and it never faded. She still won't use I-76 to cross the state from Virginia to Ohio. It's a good thing they finished I-68 and Penn Alps doesn't hurt.

The nation suffered a wicked injury when Joe Biden took office and he and his "way smarter than you" cronies have been compounding that felony ever since in every way they can think of. As we wrote earlier, they fucked up and over the schools, higher education, teaching, meaningful infrastructure (roads, reservoirs, prisons, power generation and transmission, little things like that) and now they've screwed up all of that completely and destroyed the military as I knew it.

If only there was some sort of solution to this problem. Something final. Terminal. Angry. It really is the time to do all those things many of the smarter of us are doing. You know, buy ammo, food, medicine, ammo, blankets, ammo, food, tasty stuff that comes in bottles, ammo, etc. But perhaps it is more important now for GOOD PEOPLE to run for every level of office in the land from School Board to Mayor, City Council, Library Board, and yes, even Congress. This isn't going to be fixed until people get up and fix it. That means going out and working at the polls every election and working with the hated other party with cordiality and respect. They're not all evil monsters.


Roy said...

" has been covered so well everywhere else."

I get it, but I still missed your posting.

About the "...thousands of State Police..." giving "...speeding tickets for going 5 mph over..."

Back before I retired, the bane of my existence was having to routinely drive to a city 70 miles away for work. The direct route included a stretch of rural US highway that was 4 lane divided with a speed limit of 55. It passed through the outskirts of a small town where the local "city" cops used the US highway for revenue generation. I got pulled over once for, I am not kidding, going **57** in the 55. Yeah, it was raining and the cop said I was going too fast for conditions. I took it to court and the judge threw it out, but still...

After that incident, I found another route. The other route was about a half hour longer, but it was a very pleasant - and most of all, cop free - drive through farm country. The biggest hazard was having to pass a farm tractor every now and then. That was back in the early 90's and even today, after retirement and many years later, if I have to go to that city, I still take that longer rural route.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe there is enough good people to man "every level of office in the land from School Board to Mayor, City Council, Library Board, and yes, even Congress" anymore.