Tuesday, September 21, 2021


I caught this item from Ken Burns today who quoted a January 1838 speech by Abraham Lincoln.
It looks very much to me like successive American governments have opted for American suicide. There really can be no other explanation for continuing to let in an unending flood of economic migrants who have no skills at all and instantly go on the dole and turn to crime and get resettled all across small town and small city America. We have all the ignorant criminals we can handle and more every day turned out by our public schools unable to read, write, perform the simplest math and as ignorant of civics and history as a stone. No wonder we have morons clamoring about mythical made up crap like man made global warming and hating nuclear power at the same time. This isn't going to end well. Those apocalyptic movies from the 70s are looking more and more likely to come about.

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ruralcounsel said...

Lincoln helped start the suicide, by marching armies through other states to attack South Carolina. He could have just reversed the decisions to crank up excise taxes on imported goods that impacted southern ports ... 90% of those taxes were paid by the south. Those tax increases were designed by northern industrialists to force southern states to buy northern goods instead of importing them from Europe. The federal government was funded almost entirely through such taxes and so happily went along. (No personal or corporate income tax back then.)

Lincoln chose to fight a bloody war over taxes designed by northerners to rob the south. The slavery thing was a side issue, later elevated to morally justify the immense amount of bloodshed. Retroactive justification.

So Lincoln betrayed the Constitution and state's rights (primarily the state's right to secede, which all the original colonies had assumed was theirs, else they would never have ratified the Constitution.)