Tuesday, December 7, 2021


The former Chief of Staff for President Trump's White House has decided to end cooperation with the Committee for Public Safety and has invited them to bring out the guillotine. It is hard to understand why anybody would cooperate with that band of terrorists and dipshits but he was going to up until this afternoon when he changed his mind. I don't get it. All any of them has to do is pull the Hillary over the eyes of the Committee for Public Safety like she did and claim that they have no memory of that or this or the other thing and cannot recall who was there, when it happened, where they were at the time, etc. It worked for all the democrats we wondered about after little dustups like Hillary's hard drives and phones getting bleached and smashed to bits, and her COS joining the investigation of her as her lawyer and given total immunity by the FBI and DOJ and of course the whole, where the Hell was Obama when we were air raiding Libya and our Ambassador to the place was murdered along with 4 other Americans on the anniversary of 9/11 by some of the most heavily armed terrorists outside Gaza.

It's so easy a democrat can do it for Christ's sake.

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Ole Scrapper said...

Thanks for the post, you confirm every pothole to canyon. The left is now our enemy of state.