Thursday, December 30, 2021


The jurors found Maxwell guilty of 6 of 7 charges laid against her for procuring underage girls. Obviously she didn't procure them for herself so now we come to the moment of truth. That's right, now the Law and Courts will delve into the issue of just who she was procuring little girls for and bring these criminals of civilization to justice. I am sure that all the evidence amassed at the trials and the grand juries for both her case and Epstein's will be used by the lawyers to round up all the pedophiles who took advantage of those poor underage girls. Right? And of course she is an actual living eye witness able to testify against the pedophiles so they don't stand a chance in court.

And Epstein still didn’t kill himself.


Matthew W said...

So what
We'll never how many prominent democrats went to the island

ASM826 said...

Ghislaine Maxwell didn't kill herself either. (Just getting it in early.)

Justin_O_Guy said...

And the FBI, after he Killt hizself, on his knees, leaning forward into a strap across his throat, which can't work any better than holding your breath till you DAH!,, The FBI Said
This investigation is Not over.
So, natcherly the prosecution offered her a deal. They told her that if she would help them, give up names, help them figure out who was involved, they would cut her some slack..

Aaand, that didn't happen.

And ALL the video, audio, still shots ,,the FBI haven't been able to muster a single indictment. So, when they said
This investigation isn't over, what WE were supposed to hear was
We have tons of evidence and will go through it and bring people to justice..
What they meant was
We have Tons of evidence and will figure out who should go to jail,, BUT, what we are going to do is use that evidence to blackmail them.. And sweep it all under the rug.
The government gets their rugs from the same outfit Felix the Cat got his satchel. Infinite capacity to cover over stuff and not even have a lump.

Ole Scrapper said...

The slow walk of the menagerie of sway back donkeys with guilty as charged agent and prosecution incoming to lay a blanket of foam...'I'm sure I'm on that list somewhere', said the choral of fbi and legal liars.

Ole Scrapper said...

And Epstein did not hang hisself. More likely he tripped over his dick, just sayan.