Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Consider, the virus was developed using gain-of-function research in a Chinese virology lab which is no doubt run by the Chinese military for the Chinese government. It developed a virus that any socialist would be proud to cherish and raise and spread to the rest of the world. Why do you suppose I would write that? Well, look at who that virus was targeted at. That's right pilgrim, it was targeted at the elderly who, in the West control the bulk of the resources in their countries. They're the ones who pour that money down the medical drain in their final year or two of life instead of letting other people have their money. By sparing them the burdensome expense of living just long enough to tear through their personal savings the West is spared from having to pour State resources into their final months in hospital.

So an experiment was run to see how effective it was and to check and doublecheck if the virus could be contained to just the target population. It was an unqualified success. Yay team.

One of the little known side-effects of the virus was all the insane testing for it. It always struck me as deeply stupid to inconvenience yourself to go see about getting a test for a disease. Believe me, when the disease manifests you can generally tell if you have it. In this case though hundreds of millions of people willingly provided DNA samples to the very community that developed COVID19 in the first place. Armed with that information they can do a little more research and find out how to target specific age groups or races.

Can we tailor a virus to kill or decimate whole populations by race? You better believe it.

And here you thought nuclear weapons and islamic terrorists were scary. Never mind. Those white supremacists you keep hearing about from the fake news crowd? Yeah, did you ever notice what color the Deep State people are? The so-called elite?



Anonymous said...

It also primarily affected the most expensive, in terms of care, portion of their population: the elderly. Think of how much more productive their remaining population could be without having to take care of their parents.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Sometimes conspiracies exist.

capt fast said...

and then the conspiracies your sure that exist, turn out to be false flags that just turn your stomach because there is nothing you can do about the perpetrators.