Friday, July 30, 2021


The stink of rotting debris on the beach is getting pretty bad. The Clintons and then Obama utterly gutted the military when they handpicked the 3 and 4 star generals and admirals who then handpicked the colonels selected for Brigadier General and then all the rest of the generals and admirals. That left us with a warfighting mutant in charge of the NATO war in Bosnia who demanded the British forces attack the Russians and a Navy that is functionally incapable of doing very much of anything.

The left had previously gutted all of the institutions of higher learning and they in turn gutted the teachers colleges and curriculum in order to raise generations of pig ignorant jerks who now cry if you call them a name and then race to report you to the authorities.

Based on what we're seeing with the ridiculous charade of Covid it is obvious that corrupted the CDC, NIH and just about every doctor branding outfit in America. Remember it was just 2 weeks to flatten the curve? That was over a year ago. Now after that they tell us the virus mutated. Duh! It's what organisms do. Now they shriek loudly about how infectios the so-called Delta variant is but so what? The cold is infectious but nobody but crazy people pretend that they have to have a deathly fear of catching a cold.

What's also obvious is that they captured and corrupted the Law. It's not just the crooks running the FBI and the NSA for that matter. They also won over the district attorneys to the idea that nobody should be prosecuted for any crime less than murder unless they're white and republican. They have between them made most of America's largest cities uninhabitable by design.

I wonder what's next? There's not much left after the law, military, hollywood, education, medicine. Oh wait, they've stopped talking about the courts. OTOH, I haven't seen any Biden nominees even mentioned in the usual sources I follow. Has the Senate confirmed any of his grasping legal court felons other than the Attorney General?

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