Friday, July 16, 2021


Not a fan. I know them well. OTOH, I heard today from one I love that a woman had made it to SEAL. I am very familiar with the whole enchilada of SEAL. On checking the news I found that a woman passed some sort of test of no importance and little significance and so was almost an aquatic mammal in training with training wheels.

I will tell you that the training is exacting and it takes it to the limit for the whole TEAM. You really cannot afford one weak member who doesn't carry their share. It simply doesn't work. That said, I have no doubt that Biden and his worthless generals will decide that it can be done and will do it. For the equity and unicorn farts that are in it.

No neighbors, I was far from SEAL material. I just shared an office with them on the far side of the world. OK, and in Imperial Beach.


Dan said...

Pedo Joe and the left have been working diligently to destroy our military for DECADES.ever since Slick Willie and the Little Rock Murderess infested the White House. This is ALL part of a long term plan by the CCP and the Commie Demonrats

HMS Defiant said...

I don't like to go full C. That said, Clinton and Obama gutted the 3 and 4 star ranks and picked the choosers of the 2 stars pretty thoroughly. The military is now as rotten as the teacher's unions. There is no fix short of war that I know of. It is impossible to out the 'elect' once they get to pick and choose and they converge everything they touch.
It is still almost impossible for me to believe how inept the navy leadership is but 6 very poor/stupid/idiotic ship designs put into production by morons pretty much makes the case.
I could blog about this because it is germane. Rickover was not my cup of tea nor were his replacements but they STAYED. They held total and exclusive power over nuclear power officers for 2 generations and they owned the designs of every nuclear vessel we had. They were all worthy. They were men of focus.
What we have now are the fatuous drowser idiots like Milley in charge. I could have wished Mattis lived up to the false promise he enjoyed but he did not.
Sometimes it looks more likely that there will be an Oliver Cromwell in our near future. I'd take that over Nehemiah Scudder and the Prophecy.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

The ZUMWALT, two classes of Little Coffin Ships, the FORD, The SAN ANTONIOs, and what was the sixth design? The new frigate, with the 57mm main battery?

HMS Defiant said...

The Spruance class. It was the size of WWII cruiser with 2 5 inch guns an almost pathetic missile system, 8 harpoons and simply compare it to the Kidd class or the Ticos built on the same hull. I say this as the weapons officer of DD986. They simply weren't built for war. If you looked you'd find 100% of the war fighting systems computers were located directly under the bridge in the forward superstructure (missile bait) one only has to look at the ugly results in the Stark. Those radar homing bastards will home in on the superstructures. OTGH, so do the ruthless bs#stards who were flying the A4s.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

No excuse for something the size of a CLEVELAND to be armed like a RUDDEROW!

HMS Defiant said...

You know, I found LT RUDDEROW in the wardroom when I got back to the Pluck after first tour in MCM battlegroup in the Gulf. He was one of 13 officers newly/freshly assigned by SURFPAC to ship with a complement of 37 men and 6 officers. He was dead eager to have me "requalify" as command duty officer under the new idiot CO and take him and the other loser out of port and starboard duty under the then idiot CO. I confessed that as a formerly qualified CDO on said ship and CHENG/EOOW that I didn't feel ready to assume such an awesome responsibility and joined the other officers in 47 section duty.

Tim was very very pissed. I found I could live with that.