Tuesday, August 1, 2023


It was very hard to turn my back on the city  I left it for San Diego a long time ago but I had moved there back when Herb Caen was writing his columns and the City was still raw and still attached to the American ideal of a place where it was still possible to start a family. 

I did.


Anonymous said...

Having grown up in the east bay area, I find it terribly sad to see what SF has become. Spent a lot of time there when it was a nice city.

HMS Defiant said...

It is not the only city that I miss. I really loved living in West Seattle back in the day 40 years ago. The city had a few homeless shelters and they would usually start to process inmates right around the time I got off work and would stop by the Elliot Bay Bookstore for dinner and a book.

I also miss Paris and London but I don't want to go back again because I like to remember them the way they were. Standing by myself in the Arc de Triomph and looking down the Champs Elysee at dawn and seeing not a single car or person was kind of awesome.