Friday, August 25, 2023


Boeing is finding that somebody drilled hundreds of extra holes in the aft pressure bulkhead of production 737 aircraft. At the same time I learn that the Department of Maximum Injustice here in the formerly United States of America has charged SpaceX with the crime of not hiring illegal aliens to work on its spacecraft or in its space operations.

It's not funny, it's very sad and pathetic.

As you remember, the Russians found that someone was drilling tiny holes in its space craft a few years ago. I think they finally ended up blaming it on an American woman astronaut.

Of course, the government would have a lot more credibility if it hadn't, you know, lied its ass off about the Wuhan Flu and its various insane and stupid countermeasures, or shut down all the roads out of Lahaine, Hawaii leaving all the residents and tourists there to burn to death in the fire that it failed to warn them was rushing down on them driven by 80 mile an hour storm winds that caused an electric transmission line to spark a fire despite known fire dangers.


Justin_O_Guy said...

America won't turn around until the hemp rope market is booming.

Anonymous said...

And here I thought Boeing was supposed to be an expert in high-end manufacturing, with every single action on an airframe recorded and inspected, so that they would know exactly who drilled every hole, put in every rivet, made every weld. Instead, they're not much different than Orville and Wilbur's bike shop.