Sunday, March 15, 2020


We have been lucky enough to have our very own private movie theater here in the fringe of metroparkcentralis. It doesn't have comfy recliners with foot rests but it is ours. I can't count the number of movies the two of us have seen where we were the only people in the entire theater. Oh sure, there might have been other people in one of the other 4 screening rooms but we mostly saw the movies by ourselves. This tapered off a bit as we ran into a long spate of Hollywood putting out movies that we didn't have the slightest interest in seeing. I believe the last one we saw in that theater was a George Clooney flick, Hail Caeser. It was enjoyable but since then the urge to see the movies in the theater has succumbed to a hail of crappy movies.

That was then, this is a little later. Our local little old metroplex was bought by a new company last year and we haven't darkened their doors since they took over, refurbished the place and started showing movies. Maybe some day, just not now.

Nowadays we stream movies on Nexflix or Amazon, view DVDs we have and we have about 8000 ebooks, 8-10 kindles (Amazon used to sell them four for $100.00 and I bought a bunch) 4 iPads and roughly 2000 books on shelves. We won't starve for diversion and entertainment even if we stay home for a month. In the meantime we live on a school street with 4 schools on it and nobody coming to school and a short walk from the local nature park so we can amble, stroll and soak up vitamin D until we burn.

Now might be a time to read or watch Love in the Time of Cholera or something about the Black Death preferably by Monty Python or a good religious movie like Dogma.

If you're a reader you should consider downloading a free ebook organizing program, "Calibre". It has the power to open libraries around the world to your ebook reader without troubling Amazon or other ebook retailers.

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