Tuesday, March 3, 2020


If the doctors studying Coronavirus (COVID-19) are to be believed it may remain live and active on any surface for up to 9 days. So, are you going to be using cash from now on or just stick to plastic?

If it gets lose in the middle east refugee camps throughout the middle east and Turkey, what the odds the virus will turn out to have a terrifying kill rate among them since they effectively have no medical support more recent than the 18th century? They'll all suddenly be infected with an urgent desire to get to Europe and get some medical treatment and they might start running before it strikes.

What happens when it gets lose in all of Africa? You know that whole mythical history blacks have come up with about how it was whitey that spread crack and heroin and AIDs and Ebola just to kill blacks, it's going to get worse.

What do you think the odds are that the Chinese government has been lying about it since day 1?

What do you think this will do to the EU and it's stupid open borders policy within the Schengen Area when no national government has the power to prevent infected persons from crossing their borders even if they do shut down the trains and planes and ferries?

Interesting times.


capt fast said...

welcome to the world which I am thinking of. my original thoughts centered on the PLA researching a bioweapon to cause dissenters in Hong Kong to stop their mass rallies/demonstrations. nothing like a viral pneumonia to calm things down in the streets.
we realizes that "face" in china is more important than anything else. so, of course the published numbers are all fudged lies in order to save face by the mid-level bureaucrats. as proof of concept, note that resources were not thrown into the mix until Peking got into the game mid Feb. It is also not news to some people outside china that the PLA is not responsible to a large extent to the political leaders. PLA is internally funded and extremely independent internally of the political leadership. while the PLA says "yes sir, how high" when Xi snaps his fingers, behind the closed doors, PLA really does what it thinks is the right thing to keep the PLA powerful and save generals "face". That something got away from PLA labs in Wuhan is besides the point. Now that it is out, PLA will make the best of it in some arcane way. note the ease which it traveled thru the chinese logistics chain-petro- into Iran and other mid east countries. no doubt, we haven't heard much from MSM about covid-19 in african nations doing business with china with large contingents of chinese "workers" in country.
The EU is full of intelligent people, they are just not in charge. thats a shame.
If we had real numbers to crunch we could actually see how bad it could be and respond appropriately. don't see that happening. got to keep the stock markets humming.

HMS Defiant said...

I read that they call the children of the PLA generals, princes and princesses and I dare say they're right to do so. It seems for every 200,000 people shot in the back of the head by the socialist rise to power, a prince is born.