Thursday, March 5, 2020


Italy ordered its schools and universities closed until 15 March because of the Coronavirus on the advice of an Italian professor. With that they seem to think they can bring the near epidemic under control. I wouldn't want to be a science advisor of any kind for the government or people of Italy. They throw them in jail when they make an error. Talk about your inquisition. Talk about your 3rd world witch doctor loving deranged psycho rulers and judges. Talk about stupid.

I thought Sweden was leading the way to European oblivion but perhaps it was Italy all the time.


capt fast said...

this morning POTUS Trump just signed off on $8.3 billion to combat the flu. Excuse me? best way to combat the flu according to a microbiologist and biochemist I talk with is to 1)ride it out until it mutates to a benign state and provide best possible nursing care and 2) stop movement of populations at risk of passing along the virus.
$8.3B is a lot of nursing care. maybe some of that could be used to strengthen the borders, finish the southern wall and strengthen Homeland Security, actually enforce immigration laws, get government the hell out of our health care system to lessen costs.
just my opinion. means nothing.

HMS Defiant said...

I would love to see him hijack the funds Nancy tucked in for abortions and medicaid for illegals and use that on the wall. The left and progressives heads would explode.