Tuesday, March 17, 2020


When I went to bed last night the governor of metroparkcentralis had just told a judge who ordered the primary to proceed on time to go fuck himself. He unilaterally postponed the primary vote until June. Now how often do you hear or read about a public elected official invite the judiciary to go have a lash at screwing a rolling donut? Yeah, it's pretty rare. I cannot remember the last time I saw it happen.

We are overdue now. Trump needs to start ignoring the weenies in the land of judicianauts and simply invite them to take the matter to the Supreme Court in their own good time rather than caving to the demands of an unelected bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur.

In simple point of fact, the only court that the other two branches of government need to abide by is the Supreme Court and the lesser judges have made this so by their trenchant demands to be recognized as if they are the supreme courts of the land.

They aren't.


TwoDogs said...

How many divisions have they ?

HMS Defiant said...

I think they may have one or two marshals but none willing to go into a shootout with the Army.