Wednesday, March 18, 2020


It's rather difficult to picture little Greece as once again being on the forefront of a civilizational battle. They did not fare so well the last time they went up against the Persian King and  let us be honest, Erdogan sees himself as the latest Persian King or Sultan of Islam and his tossing hapless warrior age unarmed trogs against the Greek hoplites manning the border fences of Greece is simply the latest sign that Turkey's ruler has lost it.

Make no mistake, the ruler of Turkey means to make Europe fall further and faster than it was allowing itself to fall up until this last disaster to befall Europe. There won't be a Europe when I die. All that was the West and Civilization will have perished and gone under to the hordes of 'refugees' and 'muslims' fleeing the lands they brought so low by their very persistence of being.

yea, I know, just one of the many who predicts an end to what once was but then, we can point to Sweden and just say, told ya.

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