Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Reading through the Instapundit as I do just about everyday since it is my go to source for news I am struck with how completely the American news media, all of them, have decided to torch themselves lying about just about everything that happens in America. It isn't pretty. As I was watching DW just now as they interviewed a UK news policy wonk it struck me that what I was seeing here in America is being repeated all over the world as the 'woke' media and the elites try to distance themselves from the results of globalism.

If you want to know what it looks like, imagine you're the flight attendant in the cabin of the 747 that just took off from Beijing International airport and one of the window passengers asks you if it is normal for the plane's wheels to continue to roll down the runway as you fly off and leave them behind. You're going to jink and dodge and wait for the captain to make an announcement but there is no announcement because the communications workers union that services the plane's intercom between the cockpit and cabin did just as much damage to that system as the globalists did to the supply chain China did to the undercarriage of aircraft. In short, you're screwed as you wait and wait and hope that the artificers in control systems (central banks) haven't jacked that up all beyond recognition and it too is FUBAR. In the meantime, lie to the passenger who noticed and pray nobody else did.

Kind of makes one wish there was a 1-800 rent-a-mob out there to go out and burn down all the networks and set fire to the print media. It's not just that the media lies to you every single moment it's that even when they're caught on tape lying about facts captured on tape, they keep lying and nobody ever gets fired for lying. What do the Clintons have that we shouldn't also have?


capt fast said...

We sort of figured out the media-specifically news magazines-were full of crap whilst stationed at Homestead AFB during the Mariel boatlift which brought us so many of those likeable cuban workers and doctors. when the rags saw what we got, they made up their own stories to fit their narrative of the honest downtrodden victims of communist oppression who's starving and emaciated listless forms were carried by stretcher teams from the slowly sinking inner tube rafts they rowed too the USA on. All those who witnessed the arrival of the results of castro's jail emptying spree vehemently denied that narrative to all who asked.
that was long before the term "fake news" was coined by the present white house place holder. I find the term "fake news" to be a fine alternative to such long winded phrases as "leftist/socialist/communist propaganda organs" or "those absolute lying scumbag leftist effete snob sonsabitches what who need to be tarred and feathered and rode outta town on a rail at dawn on fire". sort of sings, doesn't it? fake news.

HMS Defiant said...

Yep and now our 'officials' are emptying the jails and flushing active criminals back into the mean COVID19 streets with nothing and taking the moment to order all gun shops to close and forbid the sale of firearms and weapons to people who are just now waking up to the reality of what that old adage about government really means to them... "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have." They aren't the ones that are going to get murdered by the newly released thugs and addicts so they don't care about the little people.
As I used to say here, 'they should have armed themselves,' when they had the chance.