Saturday, March 21, 2020


It's almost like war,
‘As restrictions on our day-to-day lives increase and challenges build, British farming and the horticultural industry has an ever more important role in helping us maintain our health and nutritional wellbeing.’ He said: ‘The British berry industry has for many years relied on workers from mainland Europe to provide seasonal labour to pick our crops due to a severe lack of availability of local workers. 
Chairman of British Summer Fruits, Nick Marston said a large-scale recruitment campaign would be mounted to recruit workers
‘Last year 98 per cent of harvest staff were from outside the UK. We are now very concerned about securing enough workers to help harvest our vital crops and get fresh fruit and vegetables to the public.
The last time I saw something like this was in Colorado. As I skidded to a stop at the foot of the mountain covered with snow to embark a chair lift back to the top of said mountain, I noticed that all of the employees were Polish. One doesn't think of Poland as being very mountainous which may be explained by the fact that none of them wore skis. They ran the lifts.


capt fast said...

company I retired from had a program called "immigrant dejur" in the HR offices. they got a tax break from the irs for hiring immigrants of low skills sets from what ever group the democrats decided needed to come here and vote democrat. first it was persian refugees, then laosians, then vietnamese, then hispanics, then cambodians, then somalis, then iraqis, then back to californians/hispanics. and on and on.
the lao and viets did not work well together although both groups exhibited good education and knowledge of english and maths. viets and cambodians turns out were the deadliest of enemies and couldn't work in the same areas, the hondurans and didn't get along well with the mexicans and hated the venezuelans;something to do with football. the iraqis did not get along with each other and the somalis were convinced everyone else should die young.
it was an interesting place to work. always went armed.

HMS Defiant said...

SAIC frowned on us going armed. What they didn't know didn't hurt them.

capt fast said...

agreed. worked for me.