Tuesday, August 30, 2022

AND ON THAT NOTE (see below)

 I have followed this path to the clearing at the end where the Supreme Court of Ohio has spoken. It goes without saying that I supported the Gibson family throughout in their clash with the woke fucks at Oberlin who never saw any reason to not perceive those that they personally regarded as the enemy as scum and lesser beings not entitled to fair and just treatment. We drove out to Oberlin a couple years ago to simply shop at Gibson's.

 Oberlin is a nice enough place but they allowed the impenetrable hate of woke leftism to enter, abide, accrete power and rule the place. I consider it to be almost a model of Mordor. The 'woke' simply refuse to accept any limits on their power to enforce rules on society that don't involve the complete and total destruction, humiliation and annihilation of their enemies.     

Well, the School gets to pay $36 million dollars to the Gibson family because 'woke' administrative staff threw all propriety and thought out the window and launched a vicious and racist attack on the blameless bakery.

Do you think the rest of the 'woke' will learn a lesson from that? Yeah, me neither.   

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