Sunday, August 28, 2022


 As I read this earlier tonight I was struck by the counter-terrorism I engaged in for 30 years. I wonder if you see it like I do.  Let us try an experiment. What part of this terrifies you?

Do you see it there? It's right there in front of you.

Remember when terrorist scumbags entered pharmacies and poisoned the old Tylenol bottles? Think what the true killers could do if they decided to simply inject fentanyl in your daily supermarket purchases. It doesn't take very much.

ONE TON OF FENTANYL SEIZED ON THE BORDER IN JULY. A ton of death that could kill more people then actually live in America.

So the drug dealers  cut their drugs with it but that's just the drug dealers. What about all the other things real killers could do with it?

How do you feel about securing the border now? You should ask your Congressman what plans he/she has for keeping all of us safe from this kind of random murder.

I used to commute to Korea monthly or more often. I remember the department stores had shopgirls at every single food stand to make sure you had a pleasant and rewarding shopping experience. Look! Full employment as we deploy people to keep our food in grocery stores safe because our politicians will not secure our borders. They have plenty of money and resources to try to secure the borders in Ukraine but none for us. We don't count.

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Scary stuff.