Wednesday, August 31, 2022


For over 40 years I have kept books in the trunk of my car. Just a handful that I can try to reread. I liked Anton Myer's Once an Eagle so it's there. I can read all 1200 pages (or skip lightly) over again in the daylight. Ditto Earth by David Brin (unlikely) I totally didn't get it the first time. But, there are many others! Running to thousands of pages, and kindles with a thousand books on them.... I'm ready.

I am prepared to spend up to a week on the side of the road while the nebs nebbish and the police measure angles with a spectrometer and a whistle.

 Perhaps it is time to republish the Rules of the Universe. 

My favorite one is:

if you are ready, the universe isn't. It abides. It lurks. It waits....until you are unready.

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