Friday, August 26, 2022


 In an interesting piece at Vox the author rabbitted on and on about the poor black man who was apparently malrepresented by counsel during his murder trial. The author goes on to describe all kinds of reasons the current Supreme Court is wrong to not have supported the previoius Court's decision granting the murderer a chance at a new trial and outraged that the Texas court basically recapitulated the entire case and dismissed the previous Supreme Courts decision and resentenced the killer to death. What I found fascinating in the piece is that at no point did Vox ever say what crime the poor little bastard did that got him the death penalty in the first place. I had to look that up.

The other piece is at American Greatnesswritten by Lloyd Billingsly. It pretty much damns the FBI root and branch and Mike Pence for suggesting that those arguing that the FBI should be dissolved are wrong and just as wrong as those idiots that voted to defund the police. As Billingsly points out, Mike Pence could not be more wrong. 

Read it and weep and then ponder just what good the FBI is now? I mean, if I was on a jury and the prosecution decided to present evidence derived from FBI sources, labs, or personnel, I'd simply dismiss any such evidence as fabrications and lies. The FBI has wounded its credibility with me and those like me to death which is a shame. 

It is further damaging its credibility by going after Project Veritas.

I align with those who think that the entire thing should be retired and for those civil service bureaucrats who have the clout to maintain that they must be maintained on the public payroll long after they have lost the trust of the people, send them to a very plush log cabin somewhere on the North Slope in Alaska and let them practice their dark arts there with zero travel or discretionary funding.


Anonymous said...

"...a very plush log cabin somewhere on the North Slope in Alaska..."
That's the first time I've ever heard sparse, primitive, polar-bear-frequented, desolate, leaky, and eventually fatal described as 'very plush'. Maybe I'm contributing my own ideas a bit too much to the interpretation.
--Tennessee Budd

boron said...

It came to a point when I no longer found anything of substantial value at VOX, so I just stopped wasting my time at that site.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

The FBI has lost all credibility as an honest Law Enforcement Group, and are now just the Gestapo, (Gestapo = Geiheime Staatspolitzi, Secret, or Private State Police ), of the Democratic Party.
They no longer justify their existence.

There are those who say, just clean out the leadership, and leave the good agents alone. If they are carrying out the orders given out by the corrupt leadership, they are NOT good agents.