Thursday, October 16, 2014


Rand Paul recently observed that the National Institute of Health, now bleating about underfunding as the root cause of the CDC's failure to prepare for ebola, noted that they spent $2.4 million on origami condoms. That's a lot of money.

Just think how many original Origami boulders you could buy for that kind of money. You could even splurge and buy a few:

Wadded Paper Origami Boulder with Haiku and Bamboo Display stand, $450


Buck said...

That Origami Boulder site is pretty danged funny. But the NIH ISN'T.

HMS Defiant said...

Origami Boulder is a well I return to every couple of years. The breathless cynicism of the author is enduring. I'd ask him how many of his pieces have been sold but I'm afraid she'd tell me.
I really like the 'performance art origami boulder (no product).' It's just so governmental.

Ex Bootneck said...

I recall pre-digital days when I had reams of paper at hand, as well as a government issue wicker basket next to my desk for my origami boulders, which at the same time was pre-elf & safety. Then the digital monster appeared, along with the government post-issue steel waste bin.

I miss the pre-digital origami boulder days, and the hours of pleasure gained through hurling origami boulders across the office into the wicker basket, purely as an aid for maintaining my hand to eye coordination.

Funnily enough; once I hit civvie street and I had to purchase my own reams of A4, I ceased the practice completely? Though the coordination between my hand and the dogs eye when I throw him a biscuit is remarkable…

Yours Aye.

HMS Defiant said...

My father brought home a ream of paper to use while at the War College back when I was in first grade. My older sister and I turned every sheet into paper airplanes. You'd think the stuff was expensive the way he carried on. :)