Monday, October 6, 2014


Those interested in the history of keeping infectious diseases out of the country will enjoy this.

I used to sail to Angel Island from Emeryville or from the Navy's marina at Treasure Island. It was a fascinating place and provided a wonderful opportunity to take a shaded walk all around the island from Ayala Cove to the Immigration Station, the Nike Battery and the various Civil War batteries. I heard, after I left the Bay Area, that the good people there decided to cut down all the trees because they were non-native Eucalyptus trees.

I had thought to include a video since several are on offer at ourtube but they don't discuss the Quarantine issue and refer solely to Angel Island's role as the Ellis Island of the West.


Buck said...

From the link:

Their barracks were fumigated with sulfur dioxide and flushed with salt water every morning. Ships were fumigated with live steam; later such chemicals as cyanide and burning sulfur were used.

That must have been pleasant for the barracks residents and the ships' crews. (/sarc)

HMS Defiant said...

Well, look at the place now. You wouldn't want the transients to get too comfortable or they'd think of never leaving. :)