Monday, October 6, 2014


There may be endless ways to cadge a free ride in a helicopter but no helicopter ride is ever free. I think the USCG could be forgiven for letting this guy run to the north pole via the Gulf Stream. He's too stupid for the rest of us to tolerate. Besides, he probably caught some exotic disease while running to Bermuda.


Anonymous said...

There is a concept that I think about when I see stories like this, it is: "People to stupid to live". I am reminded of that statement entirely to often these days.
MSG Grumpy

HMS Defiant said...

My younger brother and his wife and I still talk about the Manifest Unsafe Vessel that the Coast Guard would not let leave port in San Diego. I used to walk down to the harbor every day and once a month I picked up the latest edition of Latitude 38. It had great stories of adventure and romance. It's now available online.
I have the most enormous respect for Coast Guard helo SAR pilots and rescue crew. I'm not sure why they need the helo since they can walk on water.