Sunday, October 12, 2014


It's a fairly simple question so read this and ask yourself what will happen as people who actually have ebola make their way into the already ridiculous airport screening process and need to be taken somewhere after spending hours in a plane and then waiting in a packed customs and immigration line so they can be 'screened' for ebola based on whether or not they originated in West African ports of embarkation.

I don't think there is the physical structure to allow them to do this anywhere in the airports until after they go through customs/immigration and baggage claim areas. I happen to believe that the people in TSA are so ruthlessly uncunning that if some ebola sufferer vomited in the 'screening' room, the TSA would continue to use if for days before a janitor was ordered to thoroughly clean the space. At least customs would put a little "Wet Floor" sign and maybe adjust their endless loudspeaker announcements and include a little, "Don't Step in the Vomit," announcement after they send for the highly skilled janitorial staff to do a bit of cleanup.

In a way it is even more senseless than Sierra Leone's confession that they let the plague get out of control because failed to follow the very simplest and first step in fighting a plague and imposing a quarantine on travel into and out of the effected region. They not only didn't do that, they sent teams of people who have been exposed to ebola to every village in the country to explain about ebola and no doubt left a trail of devastation  in their wake.


Buck said...

Short answer to your (I presume) rhetorical question: No.

HMS Defiant said...

Nope. Thanks to stupidity here at just about every level, we got ebola here and it's attacking the health workers as its first target in the modern world.