Sunday, October 26, 2014


A nurse was placed in quarantine when she arrived back from Sierra Leone where she worked with ebola victims. She is mad as hell about this 'unjustified response.'

"I recalled my last night at the Ebola management center in Sierra Leone. I was called in at midnight because a 10-year-old girl was having seizures. I coaxed crushed tablets of Tylenol and an anti-seizure medicine into her mouth as her body jolted in the bed.

It was the hardest night of my life. I watched a young girl die in a tent, away from her family.

With few resources and no treatment for Ebola, we tried to offer our patients dignity and humanity in the face of their immense suffering.

There is no treatment for ebola. It has a 30% survival rate. The body's organs liquify and are expelled violently. She thinks she is full of compassionate humanity because she watched victims die and then came home when she tired of that and doesn't accept that people here have any right to fear that she could be carrying this disease which does not manifest until up to 42 days after exposure.

I say throw her back. 9 out of 16 doctors with Doctors without Borders died of ebola so far in this outbreak and we had a tenth one walking around New York City for 3 days spreading the opportunity for others to die.

Has Medicine sans Frontiers offered up any guidance/rules for medical personal who leave West Africa and head back home? Have they suggested that they all enter a mandatory quarantine before heading home? Have they done anything other than spread ebola?

Ever wonder how many people would be alive today if we had quarantined HIV?

UPDATE: In her own words, how she feels about Americans.

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Buck said...

There are 3750 comments at your link as of the time I read the piece (just now), most of which seem to agree with your position, albeit in much harsher terms.