Thursday, October 30, 2014


This man speaks for me and this little person in his praise for Dr. Salk.

You know the men like him are out there doing the research and hoping to emulate this man. I find myself happier knowing that just as many women are advancing the frontiers of medicine.

My family is somewhat constrained. We had a few options. None of them were bad options. It's not like we had to enter politics. War, Religion, Medicine. That's my girl in front of the temple of Athena in Nashville. I'm thinking medicine but it could be war. I cannot wait until she is a teenager. No no. I am really looking forward to those years. A will of cast iron going up against an object moving at orbital speed.


Buck said...

I'm "of an age" such that I remember the fanfare surrounding Dr. Salk and his vaccine, what with being ten years old in 1955. I also remember my mother prohibiting me from swimming in public pools because of her fear of polio. Although I didn't like it at the time, I've come to the conclusion she was right to be afraid for her children.

HMS Defiant said...

Having a hostage to fortune can be very painful. Fortunately, my mom figured there was a lot of us and let us vanish for extended periods without complaint. It was the coolest way to grow up. Sippy refers to his as the heir and the spare.