Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A picture is worth a thousand words. Do as I say, not as I do. It's important for you but leaders are immortal, so live with it.

All those guys not wearing giant kapok vests are leaders. You can tell from their yellow and white hats how floatable they are even without life jackets. Important people float by their own sense of importance even if they are swept overboard.

As an antique fire control officer, I laugh at the train/warning circle around mount 51 and the complete lack of a blast warning zone around the vertical launch cells. OP-4 must be a very weird read these days.


  1. Can you tell me what you think is going on here? It appears to be a formation of some sort, but why up on the bow? The angle of the ship appears a lil bit precarious but the sea looks relatively calm. So many questions...

    1. It is a prelude to underway replenishment. The men standing by are soon going to be bringing aboard the fuel, food and supplies the ship requires. They need the lifejackets because if they fall overboard it takes awhile to break away from the replenishment ship and go back to look for them. I've never heard of any man being lost at sea during a replenishment but it is pretty dangerous. My destroyer once lost control of the pitch on the starboard shaft while alongside a replenishment ship. We nearly ate that ship but Georgi Risko managed a very credible save and we didn't even touch the Wabash.
      see how I like to make it cryptic?

    2. Cryptic, indeed! ;-)

      Thanks for the splainin', though. I've seen film of underway replenishment and I have an appreciation of the intricacies of the maneuver and the dangers. But not as much as being there, of course!

  2. Those guys must be pretty heavy to heel the ship over like that.