Monday, October 6, 2014


I tend to despise the people who believe that this president is articulate or honest. The actual facts are there for all to see. I will give the Bush plenty of leeway to articulate his foreign policy and national security strategy but it is plain to see that this administration has no policy at all except to leap in front of the current parade.

I watch other ourtube videos of people such as Farage, who can articulate their way out of wet paper bag with style and ease, and contrast with our buffoons. It is so risible that I stopped watching TV long ago.

Dropping bombs was NEVER a worthwhile endeavor but it felt good. It felt like something was being done. We killed job-lots of innocent people and felt vindicated. It has never had even the slightest impact or impairment on our enemies. In a real campaign the first thing you do is identify the center-of-gravity and wipe it out.

For instance, in our last great endeavor, World War II; if our leader had been killed while 'leading' the fight, would we have just shoved our hands in our pockets, kicked the turf and wandered home? Why is it that people in DC now feel that if they can just kill the head of this islamic curse or that islamic curse that all their followers will give up and go home?

Roosevelt died in office and yet the nation and his successor carried on. They continued to support the Unconditional Surrender we all sought against both Germany and Japan. Yeah, we dropped the only atomic weapons ever used in war but those weapons manifested a desire to kill every living enemy of ours.

Dropping a few JDAMS on a few peasants was our approach to the Vietnam War and any idiot can see that it didn't work there/then and it won't work in this war.

So what is the center-of-gravity in the current war on islamic terror? I know what it is but even though it would not kill a single infant, babe-in-arms or mother, we cannot implement it because,

Get out of my way you street stealing thieves!
we need to stop giving room to people who hate civilization as we know it.


Anonymous said...

it is 1400 years past time for this planet to become Islam free. A modern free society can not co-exist with ANY Islam, they are incompatible. You can have one or the other, but not both, make your choice and be prepared to do what is required for the conflict to be finished. I know which side I choose, make your choice and let it be known, we will not allow evil to rule mankind.
God Bless our Brothers in Arms
MSG Grumpy

Buck said...

I hear you. I also noticed your last photo is most appropriately titled: "une femme courageuse." Indeed.

HMS Defiant said...

Yes it is. I stole it from Mark Steyn's place and saved it as just that. A new Fallaci is wandering the streets of France.

HMS Defiant said...

At this point I think we're going to have to face the facts. The killers in islam are not the problem. islam is the problem. It took the Spanish 700 years to rid themselves of it but I know we can do better.

HMS Defiant said...

The bloody minded courage of that woman is so impressive. She strides through the wannabe jihadists like she has the swords of kill bill somewhere in that dress.

I think if she could punt the street thieves she would do it in a heartbeat.

I hope my girl grows up like this.