Thursday, October 2, 2014


Did you ever notice how caliphate ends in hate? I dropped my love off at the airport at 0400 today and came home listening to the Pastoral, Symphony No. 6 by Beethoven. If you've never stopped to listen to the music of the Empires that withstood the last Caliphate, it is well worth your time. Can you even imagine the muslims of our time creating something as beautiful as a symphony? I understand that their next target is Byzantium, again. They'll probably take it with no effort at all and then move on to attack Vienna by Christmas.

You know what Austria? You better arm yourself. There's no King of Poland to save you this time.


Buck said...

Thanks for posting the Pastoral. I hit "play" and am leaving the vid open as I make my blog rounds... perfect.

Apropos o' not much... the first movement always reminds me of the scene from "Soylent Green" where Edward G. Robinson's character is laying in the suicide center, watching videos of a past world while he's dying. The sound track? The Pastoral.

HMS Defiant said...

Does it feel like we've all laid down in a Soylent Green Suicide Center these days?

Buck said...

Yes. Sometimes.