Thursday, October 23, 2014


I never paid any attention to the uniform regulations so it is wrong of me to parse them now. My ire means nothing at all to them. They live for the shiny and the clean crease but it's the Admiral who comes closest to the mark. By the rules of now he cannot wear both but he at least carries it off right.

How does one get a Presidential Unit Citation without shots being fired? How do the top two Marines gaff the precedence of ribbons?


Buck said...

By the rules of now he cannot wear both...

Both of what? Enquiring Minds© wanna know. In re: the first photo. I think I would take exception (privately, of course) to the cock-eyed arrangement of the two medals on either end of the good general's top row. That just looks weird.

HMS Defiant said...

The Air Medal supersedes the combat action ribbon. One can wear one but not the other at the same time. In my experience, Marines bleed uniform regs. I may have missed the update that said just wear what you want where you want. The regs still say precedence from inboard to outboard from the heart.