Saturday, March 5, 2022


I don't do drugs or anything of the sort. My healthcare providers are always amazed when I tell them I don't take any drugs. It's not out of principle. It's a simple reflection of a body that feels no need. This article is alarming, I went to get the drugs of the type they hate the most. Knee surgery is a painful bit of major surgery. It needs something to put the pain a step or two away.. That is legit.

The right to enact laws was given. We did that. What made them think they knew all about pain?

The seething homeless we created out of the blue, that wasn't necessarily us. A lot of them are in pain or impaired a lot.

One could describe the homeless as a boil on the body politic. Where they find succor they grow and grow. Soon, they're a movement.

I think we made it through the first phase of the revolution. The second is born and casting around for something to destroy. They destroyed real green powere once. They destroyed NATO once, they are hellbent on destroying industry in the name of a mythical construct they call global warming. They have settled on destroying pain management and sending doctors to prison.

The thing is, and they don't know if, they have engaged the gestalt of what it means to be of The West. The West is now aware of them and it will take something along the lines of the Reagan Revolution to plow this group under but the Reagan revolution was slow building and overwhelming for just a brief moment in time. These people are now running all the schools, all he universities and all the government agencies.

Each and every one of the revolutionairians think they can bend and twist time and facts to their advantage. All of them clueless. They share a simple philosophy, "Free Tibet!" "War never solved anything."

War is a virus. It solves many things. Sometimes, it doesn't come out as the progenitors figured. It's not war's fault. Yet they "struggle" against the man never ever seeing themselves as the 'man.' to be honest, it's why we laugh at them. They don't know why but they hear the laughter. It inspires them to new depravity like making masks a lifetime matter.


Rick said...

The whole problem is admin types seeking to practice medicine without the training. Oh sure, there is more to be said about it, but it is that simple.

Rick said...

There is a subjective nature of pain and it is substantial. Pain, pain receptors, the psychological feedback loop of chronic conditions cannot be quantified in a book. That is exactly what they are trying to do here. And doctors and pharmacists are going to prison for it.

HMS Defiant said...

I never felt the pain that drugs would relieve. Gout seemed immune to all drugs. It was pain beyond anything I knew before it and that includes breaking a leg in 7 places, I didn’t actually ever feel that pain. Shock is an awesome thing to actually experience. Who knew?
With the gout, nothing worked the first few years. Then, I guess I found the hurt bearable.