Saturday, March 19, 2022


I have been following the news of the "war" in Ukraine and tonight I decided to make another comment on what I've witnessed and heard on the news and read in the various newspapers blogs and other sources.

To start with, I don't believe a word any reporter says about anything. Their blind idiocy, pigheaded stupidity, ignorance of history, politics, international relations, economics and any other subject not directly between their legs, is profound. They will believe anything a toddler says about witches and take it as the Truth From God.

Every story lately has included everybody from the President of the United States up to the more intelligent lizards and bunnies and talking simians of the press and international experts and former pentagon and CIA/NSA officials who preach that Putin is a war criminal for killing civilians. Do they not understand that the US wages war and has somehow never once made it to the end of the war without killing civilians? Every word they claim about Putin and Russia applies to both Bushes, Clinton, Obama and the current turd in the Oval Office plus every single one of their military advisors and the men that issued orders to kill and the people that blindly followed such orders because they have an 'obligation to understand that illegal orders are not to be obeyed and failure to debate such orders with the leaders that issued them constitutes a 'war crime?'

It gets old watching people fall for the same lines that didn't work before and don't work now. I watched the press fawning over Zelenskyy and it looked like Riefenstahl had come back to life and was refilming Triumph of the Will. It's sickening.

Our old foe NPR was interviewing the head of the 'Press Without Border' international moron of the month yesterday and they were swept with confusion, dismay, alarm and outrage that anybody would mistreat journalists in a war zone even, mark this, even the uncredentialed 'citizen journalists'. The obtuse morons failed to understand that the other word for people roaming around behind your lines and reporting what you are doing is, SPY.

They have all wrapped themselves in this shield of outrage which, on close examination looks like the stick armor the indians thought would stop bullets. They don't know a pistol from a rifle, a tank from an IFV, a bomber from a helicopter or an assault rifle if it bit them on the ass and yet they all come on and pontificate endlessly about this thoroughly avoidable war and blame it all on Putin and the madness of Russia.

The facts on the initiation of the war are as easy to follow as Biden follows little children around fondling them and sniffing their hair. When the Cold War ended after the collapse of the USSR and the replacement of Gorbachov by Yeltsin an understanding was reached that was simple, clear and straightforward. Russia would allow the SSRs to withdraw from the USSR, the USSR would be forthcoming in splitting up the spoils and in return the western governments swore that NATO would not ever expand to the East.

The new countries now holding possession and title to the nuclear weapons left in their territories by the collapse of the USSR negotiated not just good faith deals with the West, they got treaties and solemn assurances. They gave the nuclear weapons up in the name of peace. Dumb bastards should have read American history and just how effective the treaties were in the hands of the scum elected by ignorant people who only knew they wanted more, ever more and so every treaty ever signed between the USA and the indians was trashed the instant some politician needed to cave to the electorate and expand to the West. Gee, the Russians should have read our history too.

The nukes were transferred, the dictatorships in-the-name-of-the-people were established in all of the former SSRs and Russia then collapsed as economically, militarily, politically and ethically as the Kaiser's or Hitler's Germany at the end of each war they lost. And then our kleptocrats and inept bungling State Department and other carpet baggers headed to the 'new' countries of eastern Europe and the Stans and NATO began its long march Eastward. It swept up one former SSR after another as it expanded ever eastward towards the Russian frontier. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, re-united Germany, it just went on and on. Do you think the Russians didn't notice? Wouldn't view with alarm? Start to whip up some serious patriotic motherland defense loving harmony to recreate in miniature a State, Army and Party to defend mother Russia?

Infographic: How NATO Expanded Eastwards | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

The sheer idiotic malevolence of the Western governments that did this and knowingly created a situation that could only end in a meaningful real 'line in the sand' is obvious to anybody who has actually studied history. Sort of makes you wonder why they stopped teaching history in American public schools doesn't it?

The same idiots that brought this about now prattle on about war crimes and we must support Ukraine and we are actually selling military hardware openly to the enemy of the Russian State which is something we didn't even do covertly before March, 1941. We followed an ancient international compact all the powers agreed to abide by and we preached neutrality, neutrality, neutrality even as we quietly assisted the British with Lend Lease and later our good pal Stalin.

The Russian on the street knows what passes for history of the Great Patriotic War and has few illusions about the honesty, integrity or transparency of the United States or any of the other minor bit players in this catastrophe and yet I have yet to see anything in the media about this when it ought and needs to be presented every day in every way. It's sickening to see even the mighty Wall Street Journal fall prey to the lies spewed by every organ of this government and never once write a word to set the record straight and reset this from an 'Aid Ukraine Movement' to a GET THE HELL OUT movement.

The Russians are great deceivers and any student of their history can attest to how they manage to routinely pull the wool over the eyes, heads and ankles of the various people sent to check out what the Russians are doing.

I'm still waiting for the Demonstration Nuclear Strikes on unimportant inconsequential cities that will serve as a statement of intent and resolve to battle on until everything in Ukraine is as radioactive as Chernobyl.


Dan said...

Nobody in a position of power cares to actually study history because history rarely serves their agenda. For decades now ALL wars/conflicts have consisted of two factors. The kinetic shoot em up war and the propaganda war. You can win the kinetic war and still lose.... vis a vis the USA in Vietnam. Right now it's hard to say who is winning the kinetic war in Ukraine. Russia certainly isn't doing as well as they were expected to before things kicked off. It's pretty obvious that the propaganda war is going in favor of Ukraine. How this will ultimately turn out depends mostly on how much Russia cares about their appearances on the world stage. They certainly have the ability to beat Ukraine. It just won't be as easy as they thought and it will cost them a helluva lot more than they had bargained for when they started planning this. But the outcome is not in doubt. If Russia wants to win they will....unless some idiot in NATO decides to up the ante. Then all bets are off. Once somebody unveils a dose of canned sunshine odds are good that things will just escalate to the point of no return and it's adios modern civilization, perhaps forever.

boron said...

I've tried four(4) other comments and've scratched 'em all, so ...
Sir: are your 20/20 lenses up for rent?

HMS Defiant said...

A little blurry in the right eye.....