Thursday, March 3, 2022


I see from the Wall Street Journal this morning that the House of Reprsentatives Jan 6th Committee investigating perfectly normal, acceptable, tolerable and ideal American behavior has submitted evidence to some court that it has evidence that suggersts that President Trump committed obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy and fraud.... I wonder when this will end? There is clear and obvious evidence that the Clintons engaged in widespread corruption, conspiracy, fraud, murder for hire and stuff like that but you never see the House opining about that. Too afraid they'll get dusted with some plutonium no doubt.

The Democrats tried 2 or 3 impeachments but that didn't work. Never ones to quit on a good conspiracy except those about who killed JFK, they are delighted to waste time and spin their wheels on what must be the cleanest and most honest policitican who ever lived. 1/100th of this effort would have seen both Clintons and Obama locked up long ago.

I wonder if Manchin decided to sit on the clean side for the State of the Union rather than having to toss another pair of shoes contaminated by treading on the snakeskins and bodies on the other side of the chamber.

In all of our history I cannot recall any President so verifiably clean and above-board as Trump. He never got slow rolled on any sort of votes for cash BS like the politicians everywhere and as a business man was too savvy to be played by the scum who infest New York city, New York state government or the be all/end all bureaucrats at any level.

It says a lot when the two lead State's attorneys quit rather than pursue a pointless and meritless case against a businessman in New York.


Matthew Noto said...

I would suggest that Trump got rolled by the scum in New York City far too many times -- having financed both sides at one time or another -- and then decided he'd had enough, and so ran for POTUS.

Considering the sorts of people one must deal with -- in and out of government -- in the construction trades, let us not assume that Trump passes the Ivory Soap test, either.

That said, yes, this new investigation is bullshit, as have been all the others.

But let's back off on fitting the man for his halo. It begins to sound like Cult of Personality after a while.

ruralcounsel said...

Given on how it was convened, I'm not even sure the House of Representatives Jan 6th Committee is a lawfully created committee. Anyone sitting on it should be investigated.

Ole Scrapper said...

I read the post from HMS and felt a bit of hope, Your assessment of Trump sound like a well-tuned base fiddle. On key on tune and on note. Trump has been through union muck as well as construction companies. I agree that the NYS (new york scum) are slime and beneath contempt. I've watched and listened to a man endure unprecedented attack and low and behold he still stands. Love the guy who is able to push back with courage. God bless him and with Matt I'll wait for the Great Judge to assign crowns. When I see Trump, I see a true patriot.

HMS Defiant said...

As you said, "Consider the sorts of people he must deal with...."

Smart, Clever, Ethical to a fault or just wiley and slippery. It's personality cult sort of call.

But you know what? If you were raised to give the other the benefit of the doubt? How would you choose?

Just asking.

HMS Defiant said...


I have no idea why your comments are sticking. I've done everything I can think of but I have to admit, Chrome stopped working for me reliably a year ago and I haven't yet worked out how to maintain this blog in Waterfox which is where I am to read things since '@#Rj0o9hag[oh Chrome won't let me read anything without adjusting privacy every single damned time.

Your words are heard and they will always be posted and so shall all, except, you know, those guys, the spammers with hair bleach products and stuff.

HMS Defiant said...

Those "people" think the House Committee on UnAmerican activities were a disgrace will have trouble living down this shameful bit of inane theater. All people will have to do in the future is honk to get their attention and earn them the derision a just society entitles them to.

HMS Defiant said...

I find myself with you. I am going to put some Trump signs in the yard alongside my usual 'teaching memos' for the kids and dog walkers that prowl my 'hood.
My better half may talk me out of the first part but the memos have been going up for about 6 years. They'll go on. I'm the single Shaker Heights counterbalance to the weight of turds that is NPR.

Matthew Noto said...

Most likely because I'm commenting through Blogger.

Google may be playing games with other platforms (especially mobile ones), in terms of allowing comments. FaceNazi does this a lot, too. Given the recent experiences involving Canadian truckers, irate JRR Tolkien fans, Joe Rogan and others, it's not out of the realm of possibility that certain platform (for ex: MeWe, or Trump's new Truth) are deliberately being blocked or just haven't yet been integrated (on purpose) to operate within Blogger.

As for what sticks to anyone, as we've seen far too often the sticking depends to a large extent on whether or not you know where the bodies are buried, as they say (ex: Epstein did not kill himself; Hitlery is a victim of Russian hacking...but then again, she buried the bodies, as it were).

In addition, I would also suggest that the intent of all this probing and persecuting is NOT to prove the man is a criminal; the purpose is to to continually punish him for being successful vis-a-vis Her Heinous, the Dowager Douchebag of Chappaqua -- the PROCESS IS THE PUNISHMENT -- and if, by chance, they should score a conviction on anything, that's just a bonus.

As an aside, two New York City attorneys of the District Attorney's office, not the Attorney General, resigned from the case. Most likely because they were told to back off -- the Attorney General (Letitia James) is running her own investigation/grand jury, and it is KNOWN that she has aspirations to be governor.

She's already "the woman who got Cuomo" and adding Trump's scalp to her trophy case inches her closer to the goal.

Those attorneys didn't resign because they had a case -- they were probably told to let James "handle it" because either a continuing investigation to a conviction nets her a higher profile. Even a defeat in court shows her as an anti-Trump partisan that scores brownie points with the Upper East side libtards whose vote she'll need.

Speaking as one of the "New York Scum", you folks in Flyover need to get over yourselves (that was half-sarcasm).

Matthew W said...

For having had to deal with the trade unions and other unions in NYC, IF he were ever to have been found to be dirty, I would have thought it would have been some sort of Union payoff/bribe deal that would have gotten Trump.

Matthew W said...

HA !!!!
Even if they weren't of the Jan 6th make shit up to try to keep Trump from winning a third elections committee, they should be investigated !!!

HMS Defiant said...

I'm an Army guy of youth and spent 3 years at Picatinny Arsenal in high school. Srsly, NYC wasn't that far away. Blew the windows out there back in 1919 or was it 1922? At any rate, NYC was always right there down 80 for us high school kids a few miles west. Went Navy after that. I think the one time I went to NYC in Navy was to Floyd Bennet Field to get on the worst LST in the Navy to ride it down to Norfolk. My USCG friends told me how wonderful Governor's Island was but the f$Ckers closed it before I could get there to see if it was as nice as they thought. I think that was all before 9/11.

However the move, when the prosecuting attorneys quit, the case should really go up in smoke. Unless it's about a Clinton and then you can assume they were made an offer they couldn't refuse or their kids and family would suffer and die.

Ole Scrapper said...

Matt... didn't mean to paint with a wide brush so to speak. I lived in western NY and was associated with a gentleman of class endeavoring to aspire to general assembly. In conversation he allowed that trying to talk to elected politicos was a game, they would sniff with a hello, and if they sensed you were not in their club of influence away they went. Many of we flyovers are where we are, having moved from NY. By the by NYS was half sarcasm as well, between us we may have a full sarcasm to note. There was no disrespect to you and the many new Yorkers resisting your managers in gument positions :)

Matthew Noto said...

The confusion may be that you are unaware there are TWO grand juries working essentially the same case -- one by the Manhattan DA's office (where the two prosecutors worked) and the State Attorney General's office (where James holds sway).

The Manhattan DA is lucky to be where he is, and aware of it, since his last job probably consisted of asking people if they wanted fries with that (and he's under fire for his "bail reform" shtick), and James is, as they say, an "up and comer".

At present, her governor's campaign is "suspended", but a conviction of Trump would most likely kick start it. Even if James didn't manage a conviction, the ability to essentially run against Trump, being seen as the only candidate locked in mortal combat with him, is always good or a few more braindead votes in what promises to be a crowded field of morons.

Matthew Noto said...

Born and bred New Yorker here who remembers more expansive -- and prosperous -- times. I have lived among the Great Unwashed in some of America's finest trailer parks and meth factories in the South for a short time, and while I find them perfectly fine and reasonable people (as soon as I can get out of here, I'm headed back), I also find many of them to be dumber than a sack of hammers.

Not because they're stupid, but because they're not very cosmopolitan. It's a consequence of living in Pig F*cker Hollow that horizons are limited, and so the ability to see a bigger picture on most issues eludes such people.

If there is a difference between the Big City republican and the Rural republican it is exactly this point. The former is concerned with issues/solutions that have a wider affect, and the latter is concerned with the opposite, i.e. their own little piece of Dogpatch.

This, too, is a broad brush assessment, but I believe it to be accurate.

But don't blame me for getting a little snotty when I'm lumped in with the "scum" and then get uppity when the favor is returned and you're likened to the cast of Hee Haw.

(And that is not the specific "you", I mean the general "you").

This should be an "all hands on deck" moment, and referring to your allies as "scum" (we live among scum, but that's not the same thing) doesn't help. It also riles the Other Side up, so that when the charges of -ism are made, they stick like velcro, whether you've meant it or not.

Matthew Noto said...

Here's what I mean:

Ole Scrapper said...

nice landing and well said... thanks for the light. :)

HMS Defiant said...

You wouldn't be upset if someone pointed out that New York City has a superabundance of rats would you?