Tuesday, March 22, 2022


The DOJ is covering itself in glory as it investigates Project Veritas and its association with Biden's daughter's "abandoned diary." This kind of resembles Biden's son's computer that he "abandoned" at a computer repair shop. Do you get the sense that Biden's kids hate him to the point that they are prepared to abandon everything they own in order to hurt him?

I do.


Mind your own business said...

I get the sense that the FBI is not willing to investigate what was on that laptop nor what is written in that diary. Which is where the real crimes are documented. Same goes for Hunter's pistol that was clearly purchased illegally and found abandoned (probably tossed during some drug-fueled haze). They no longer function to solve or prevent crime as they were intended.

The FBI has lost all its integrity and squandered all of the public trust. It's become nothing but a Democratic cleanup squad.

HMS Defiant said...

I have something about FBI from today on my ipad I will post in a few minutes. The FBI now has all the obvious integrity of papal investigations of child molesting priests.
On the gripping hand, I never understood that bit, not being at all catholic despite my year in the 8th grade catholic school in Newport. If I had evidence that my kid was molested by a priest you would have one battered near to death priest confessing his sins to the cops 'voluntarily.'