Sunday, March 6, 2022


I actually woke up to this. Strange room, strange house. It's a discontinuity that never reared up until now. It's been 40 some years since I drove down to Florida from State College to participate in the Orange Bowl Regatta at, the Orange Bowl. The Port of Miami had a kick telling us that between us we'd eaten about 5 times as many shrimp as the football teams they hosted for the Orange Bowl. We were sailors, and hungry and sunburned. these were my friends, but still, waking in that place and then going downstairs to the basement and finding they had about 3000 pot plants growing in the not dark, that was strange. Somehow, I grew up in the shade. My sisters didn't. I'm not sure about my brother. I remember, I would come home from time to time and they would tell me about my parents throwing a Roman Party and yes, various Colonels and generals came to the house dressed as Romans. I wouldn't believe it, but there were pictures. I think, if I was there, I'd miss the old Army, the old Navy. I hate to think what the pollution of PC has done to them. I have these old videos of the young LT and his bride and friends before the War. 1938 was a very different time. It is hard to believe that young girl is the hard faced grandmother we didn't like all that much.

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Knucklehead said...

42.5 years ago I married a woman. We were nearly alone at our wedding - one of my siblings and her family as it was then, some friends, no parents. We are still together and have built good life as partners. We've done right as well as we can and have wonderful daughters and grandchildren.

I loved that song (and the Moody Blues in general) in my youth and I wish I had played that for her as we took our vows. Oh well.