Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I was reading along and ran across this:
In the few areas where Trump conceivably differed from his 16 primary Republican rivals—immigration, trade, and foreign policy—the 20th-century Republican/conservative orthodoxy was actually closer to Trump’s positions than to those of recent Republican nominees, John McCain or Mitt Romney.
I kind of like the sound of it but I mislaid the link. President Trump was not the candidate coughed up by a corrupt Party apparatus, he was the guy who went toe to toe again and again against some real heavy-weight rethuglican party powers and he kicked their asses.

People didn't just choose to elect the chief thuglican after a knife fight. There was one party of ideas that spilled out of 16 candidates and there is this other party of two ideas with just the 1 candidate. As a side note, Bernie was the Socialist Party running as a democrat. 

Hillary was a velociraptor in a pantsuit and behaved like it. 60 million people, not necessarily Americans, voted for the velociraptor. And still all them wonder just what kind of thug wouldn't vote for a velociraptor in a pantsuit.

It's kind of scary, John Kerry or slimyJoe Biden could have won that race and be the president now. How grotesquely awful was Hillary, the nominee of her corrupt regime, her corrupt Party apparatus, her corrupt media and the corrupt grabby Hollywood powers, that she couldn't scare enough people into voting for her, or, more honestly, steal the election with the invisible voter fraud that doesn't exist?

I see Congressman John Conyers (D-Corruption/Judiciary Committee) used our money to pay off the women he harassed for decades. How bloody typical. 
"No, no Miss Amway, we didn't use 'your' tax dollars to buy a bomber. We gave your tax dollars to the countless women who accused democratic congressmen of harassing them, for the public good that was in it."
I used to have a job that required me to know the federal budget inside out. I used THOMAS.GOV all the time and I still hardly ever find the actual money appropriation I needed. Still, those Congressional @ssholes probably hid the budget line for paying off harassment and rape claims in the black budget, which wasn't in THOMAS.

On the other hand, if you want to get angry at something else, there's always the incredible F-35.

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