Tuesday, November 14, 2017


You just know that they are going to appoint some hack lawyer like, oh I don't know, Weinstiein's lead counsel, as Special faux Prosecutor and it will be over and done in a month with a no harm/no foul investigation. If they can't get that lying dirtbag it will be one of Hillary's lead lawyer friends like Cheryl Mills or Comey.

At this second, I cannot think of a single person who that spineless jackass Sessions could appoint with any hope of justice.

Oh, yeah, sure, him. That guy would weld those fuckers to their crimes but no recent former employees of the Department of Faux Justice are allowed by the likes of the cronies who all conspire to run what we laughingly call the Department of Justice.

The guy I'm thinking of, sounds like, rhymes with Christian?

Sessions will do this when HELL freezes over. He's not the leading political pussy of the millennium without good reason.

I suspect that about 1 reader sees the wordplay sometimes. I'm only guessing. Almost nobody ever comments on it. If I worked for a boss utterly concerned with the bottom line and concerned about the misuse and abuse of electrons, I'd persist. I'm persistent.

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